Middle East SIF – The Middle East Sustainable Investment Forum


The Middle East Sustainable Investment Forum - Middle East SIF - aims to promote the responsible investment movement across the Middle East.

Responsible Investing

The integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns into financial analysis and investment decision-making.


Middle East SIF convenes a movement among forward-thinkers to work together, share experiences, and drive the integration of sustainability into financial markets across the Middle East. This initiative is a major contribution to regional national visions and transformation plans that aim to promote sound financial systems and achieve a balance between economic and social development. Middle East SIF aims to promote socially responsible investment by leveraging the following mechanisms:

Middle East SIF aims to raise awareness on the role and benefits of Responsible Investing (RI) in the Arab world through its reports, regular dialogue via annual and quarterly events and the individual efforts of its members.

Middle East SIF aims to establish a network of stakeholders and experts, including sustainable investment and financial services companies, stock exchanges, ESG research organizations and NGOs. Alliances will also be formed with other global networks such as the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA). This will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice and encourage a united approach to the promotion of RI.

Middle East SIF aims to be a knowledge hub, conducting research utilizing primary and secondary sources, as well as the expertise of its members. This research will be used to produce reports on the state of Responsible Investing in various regional markets and sectors, as well as recommendations on how to further the adoption and effectiveness of Responsible Investing in the region.

Middle East SIF aims to offer education and training sessions and services to introduce asset managers, asset owners, and investors to the responsible investing principles.

Middle East SIF aims to promote transparency across financial markets and encourage disclosure of ESG data from the listed issuers.

Middle East SIF aims to utilize the expertise of its members and research output to make the case for Responsible Investing at government and corporate levels. This would include encouraging the establishment of a pro-Responsible Investing regulatory framework.

Targets 2020

Middle East SIF aims to achieve the following targets by 2020:

ESG Integration: 50% of regionally-domiciled assets under management will incorporate ESG considerations.

ESG Disclosure:  50% of the regional listed issuers will publicly disclose material ESG issues.

ESG Policy: 50% of the regional stock exchanges will issue voluntary ESG disclosure requirements for the listed issuers.

ESG Research: 50% of the top 50 regional academic institutions will incorporate ESG in their curriculum.

  • 50%

    ESG Integration

  • 50%

    ESG Disclosure

  • 50%

    ESG Policy

  • 50%

    ESG Research


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Mr. Rashid Ali Al-Mansoori CEO - Qatar Stock Exchange

"Qatar Stock Exchange strongly supports the ambitions of the Middle East SIF and believe that  by joining this forum, we will be better equipped to promote the sustainability agenda among our investors, listed companies and the business community within the State of Qatar and thus contribute to the realisation of the National Vision”

Darin Rovere CEO - Sustainability Excellence

"Sustainability Excellence has been pioneering the uptake of sustainability in the Middle East since 2007. We have created the Middle East SIF to promote widespread adoption of socially responsible investment (SRI) practices and encouraging the integration of sustainability into financial markets."

Houssam Lahrech Head of ESG Invest
"ESG Invest supports the goals of the Middle East SIF to drive the responsible investment agenda forward in the region by helping investors make better informed decisions through quantifying the ESG performance of companies in the Arab World. ESG Invest is dedicated solely to cover the region."